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I know that we all have dreams. Some of us are living our dreams. Some have started working on there dreams and others like me don’t even know where to start. But one thing about me is that I’m a dreamer. I envision myself living out my dream. Okay let me take it back blogging was a dream now I’m doing it. It’s the other dreams that I have yet to know where to start. Well maybe I do know how to start but I’m just scared if I’m honest. One of my dreams is to become a published author. My other dreams are to review other published author’s books before they come out. I would love to help/read other rough drafts and be able to help them with there writings. My other dream is to buy a house one day. I wonder where my writing can take me? We all have dreams, what are your dreams? Are you living your dreams?

7 thoughts on “Dreams:

  1. One of my fream is to be a fulk time Author. I believe that God will make it happen in my life. If you are serious about reviewing manuscript, I would like to take you up on that offer.

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  2. I’m an aspiring author, too.
    At the moment, I’m trying to carve out a freelance writing career.
    Very tough!
    I have a blog, to showcase my work, but then comes the marketing. That’s another story.

    I’m a bit of a dreamer, too, and I’m currently working on making those dreams come true.

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