I’m learning what I enjoy and what brings me peace. I had to take the time to talk to myself and let me know to stop doing it all and trying to be all. I need to take care of myself and love me more. I read that you have to make your home a place of peace for yourself. I had always looked at my home as something that I had to always clean and people can come to visit. But I never thought of my home as a place of peace. I have truly let some hard things go in my life. And the weight that was keeping me down isn’t keeping me down anymore. Learning what brings me joy and incorporating that in my life daily is what I’m doing. It’s weird I love flowers but couldn’t take care of plants. I would always over water or to much sun. But I’ve become a plant mom now. I got another plant yesterday and something about taking care of something has brought me joy. My kids are grown and now I have my plants. I’m learning about the types of plants that I have and how to take care of them. So far so good. I’m learning what brings me peace. So far it’s walking, reading, writing, spending time with people, my plants, and God. I told my husband that this way my last plant for awhile. He doesn’t mind I think he’s just happy seeing me smile.

11 thoughts on “Joy:

  1. Welcome to the plant mom club! A word of warning though: If you’re not careful, the plants will take over. 😂 I’ve got about nine inside and I can barely get out into my balcony this summer. It’s fun a fun problem to have. 😊

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