Just a thought:

I’m failing to understand how people are more important in death then they are in life…….

Photo by Szabu00f3 Viktor on Pexels.com

7 thoughts on “Just a thought:

  1. I wonder the same too. I feel that a person should be celebrated while they are alive but I guess we humans think differently. It’s sad because when a person’s alive, simply taking taking the time to even reach out to those we love is a big deal. People make excuses instead of taking the time out. It’s really sad but that the reality we are currently living in.

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  2. Probably because it’s easier and it also eases the guilt about how we treated the person in life. It feels bad to think terrible things about a person who has passed on (unless that person was a terrible person). It might feel bad because that person is missing out on something we deem so valuable: life. It doesn’t feel right to denigrate them further, I guess. Great question!

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