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Have you ever read something that was dealing with a situation you are currently dealing with? Man let me tell you I was reading my daily devotionals and it was talking about our words. Are the words that you use kind, compassionate? When someone makes you mad or says something that you don’t like is your words mean and unloving? I’ve noticed that every time my husband say’s something to me that I don’t like I get upset. Sometimes the things that he says are for my benefit but I don’t feel like it’s out of love. And other times I feel like he is just picking on me. But what if someone says the same thing that he did, well I don’t get as upset. But what I told him is that some people use compassion and grace where I feel like he is being harsh. I need to understand that I’m putting my feelings into what he is saying because I feel like he should say it in a better way. Just because it’s not how I like doesn’t mean that I have to be harsh in return. You should always treat others how you want and like to be treated. I don’t always do this with those who are closest to me. I really should because if I don’t want my feelings hurt then I shouldn’t hurt someone else’s feelings as well. Life is all about lessons and I’m trying to learn to do better.

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