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How are you doing? No really how are you doing? I just wanted to ask you how you were doing. I know some of you might not have anyone to check on you and I know others who have people that check on them. But let’s be honest how are you doing? I will tell you that I struggle at times with this pandemic. There are days that I feel lazy and just can’t get with my routine. There are days that all I want to do is sleep and sleep. It’s like my mind and body can’t get adjusted to this pandemic. I don’t understand it to be honest. But I do start my day with God and tea. I walk in the evenings with my hubby. I read and try to limit the amount of news that I watch but sometimes I can’t help it I just keep watching more of the news then I should. My great uncle turned 91 yesterday and I’m like God is good. He said that even though this pandemic is bad he’s okay and just glad that he get’s to see another birthday. My spirit has been low and then there are times when encouraging other’s helps me. I would love to say that everyday is sunshine and rainbows but it’s not. I’m glad that I have a great support system that checks on me and loves me. Please take care of yourself and make sure you take time to do self care. It can be reading a book, taking a bath, walking or just enjoying a good movie. Take time out for you and make sure you check on others. I have learned that during this time people need people who care about them. How are doing really? I want to know.

12 thoughts on “How are you:

  1. I loved your post! Thanks for asking how I’m doing, and you know what girl, I’m not doing that great either, but like you, I start my day with God and coffee. I am going through a hard time too and I’m experiencing all of the feelings you are going through. Cherish hubby and the time you two share together. It’s precious. Take care of yourself and know that you aren’t alone. God bless!

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    1. Thank you. You know what God and coffee or tea is a great way to start your day. At times like this is nice to have people who care about us. I hope your having a great day.


  2. Thur far I have to say through all of the chaos I have been doing well. In the beginning people where staying very much connected checking up on each other, now that the weather is warmer there is not much need for the special media connection.

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