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There are some things on my mind that I want to share with you. I have never been asked what I felt was best for this world and I’ve never walked in anyone else’s shoes. But one thing I do know about me is that I have compassion and I know what it’s like to have a little and have a lot. If I had children going back to school this fall I honestly couldn’t send my child back. Well, I do have a college student who will be attending class online this fall. But I honestly feel like especially living in Texas that this isn’t something that I could do to my child, teachers, and staff. So for me, it would be online learning. I know that some parents won’t agree with me but this is just my personal opinion. Secondly, the virus is spreading like wildfire and I personally believe that if we do shut down again that it will help stop the spread of this virus. But let me be clear if I was in charge and people who already lost their jobs and people who would be losing their jobs would get weekly unemployment benefits. Plus people who work from home or are essential workers would get extra pay as well. But since no one asked me my opinion I’m just giving you my two cents. I want everyone to be and stay healthy. I feel like too many people are dying and that hurts me. We need to start caring about one another more. Care about other people more. And I feel like people in power really don’t get the little people. We vote because we want and need change, but once people are in office they forget they were just like us once. So what are your opinions or two cents I would love to know?

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  1. This virus is very frightening, at least to me. I’m so glad I don’t have a child that is old enough to to to school, but if I did, they would be homeschooled. I wouldn’t want to risk it and I have the patience to make sure the studies would be done. I wish the world was more compassionate towards one another, were more helpful. There is an attitude of “I’m right and your wrong!” that needs to go away. Our hearts need to open. People need to write to the elderly, children need to be able to be home and stay safe, families need to focus on spending quality time together. We all need to slow down and take a moment and see the damage around us and ask ourselves how to be apart of the solution rather than adding to the problem.

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