As the celebration of my birthday and my husband’s birthday dies down. I have been having this weight on my shoulders. The weight of life, the weight of me wanting to change some things in my life, the weight of becoming an empty nester, and more. But if you want to change something it starts with you. So I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for 2 years now, and yesterday I finally decided to do it. Yes, I cut my hair, and no I have never cut my hair before. But it felt good, I felt free for some reason. I smiled a smile I haven’t seen in a while. Yes I know it’s only hair but sometimes things can weigh you down and this Texas heat is just crazy. But as the hair fell so did my insecurities about my looks. As my hair fell so did my insecurities about my weight. As my hair fell I felt love for me sweep back in. As my hair fell I felt a freedom like never before. I have been defined by my hair for as long as I could remember. I have always had long hair and cutting it felt like freedom to me. Yes, I have had my hair cut before. But this time I held the scissors and I didn’t have anyone discouraging me about how short to cut my hair. Has anyone else ever felt this type of freedom from doing something?

7 thoughts on “Freedom:

  1. That was beautiful to read. I feel like we do things to make the outside show up nice first, but what about how you feel on the inside. If cutting your hair delivered you on the inside that is what matters most. You are beautiful whether short or long hair. I’m happy for you!

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