Deeper relationship:

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We all have a voice. But how are you using your voice? Have you lost your voice? Has your voice been silent? I’ve always been a haven for others and people have told me stories that I have never repeated to anyone. But I’ve never found that person to tell my secrets, fears, etc with. I tell people things but I never go deep and I want to change that. But how do I change that? I’ve always wanted to let people know how much fear and insecurity that I have. I have always had a love/fear relationship with men and women. I had friends who I had known for years but they did things to lose my trust so I guarded myself. And I have guarded myself for so many years that I don’t know how to break it. People will always hurt me I know that but we are flawed and imperfect people. But I have to understand that not all people mean me to hurt and pain. But I have put up a wall to the point where I don’t know how to tear it down. I’m on a mission to tear down these walls within myself to let people in without fear and pain. I have always wanted a deeper relationship with people. And it’s time for me to start learning how to let go and try. But right now it’s hard. Am I the only one who has gone through this?

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  1. Absolutely not! I relate to what you said in this post oh so well. I think we train ourselves to feel a way and a wall is then built so no one enters to reopen this very same issues we buried away. When we address our problems I think it helps us approach situations differently. I believe you being open and honest about your insecurities is helping you already!

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