When your writing, whether it’s blogging, writing a book or for a magazine. Do you ever worry about judgement or people being critical?

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  1. For sure, especially if it’s a personal blog. But the rule of thumb of me is honesty is the best policy. I rather people like and follow my blog and writing for what it is rather than for what it’s not.

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  2. All the time! Even though, subconsciously, I know that the best content is controversial I try to stay away from anything that can cause too much emotion from my readers.

    Sucks – I know!

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  3. I do think like that but once the writing should be able to be a blessing there can be people who will struggle to understand somethings because they may not be at certain level. This thinking is not that bad, as we write we are thinking on the part of solving problems and our thought flow with what we write and what people might say or who might even become offended.

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  4. I do think what would be the reaction because frankly rejection hurts..but I still write it anyway if I believe in it. Over the years the negativity and rejection doesn’t impact me as much as it did earlier.

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  5. Yes and no… I worry that my words will taken out of context and fear misinterpretation, but I never post what I wouldn’t say in front of my daughter or my dad. As for rejection~ meh. I have a full time job and do this as my passion, something for my daughter to remember me by when I’m no longer…

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