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As I’m writing one of my many books, a thought acquires to me. Who will I have read and edited this book for me? Will they get or see my vision as I do? Also, should I self-publish or try to go through a publishing company? I have heard that a lot of people publish through Amazon is that a good idea? Do I need to get a scan code for my book? Do I need to copyright my book? So many questions I know. This is why I need help. Thanks in advance everyone.

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  1. Congrats on writing your book! I can answer a few of your questions.

    As to the copyright, as soon as you put words on paper you’re automatically granted copyright to your work. You don’t have to file for rights.

    As for your publishing options, you can do either. Both ways have their pros and cons, which you can check out on my blog if you’d like. I’ve covered both traditional and self publishing in detail. And as much as I want to say do one over the other, that’s completely up to you and what you want to do with your book.

    Most self-published authors use Amazon to sell their books because it’s the biggest online marketplace and the company has great distribution channels (in case you want to sell physical copies). It’s also easy to set up your ebook on Amazons platform.

    Most book binding services will automatically give you an ISBN code with your book. But you can also register one for it yourself. How you can do that, I currently don’t know. XD

    And if you ever want to bounce ideas off of me or get some feedback on your book, please let me know! I’d love to help out in anyway that I can! 🙂

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  2. Best of luck! I am an editor and much of what DaniGirl has said is true.I’d add that each of my books are copyrighted through the copyrighting system. Also, I know how you can buy ISBNs. I’ve purchased them for all three books; you have to have a different one for eBook and paperback. And yes…Amazon is a favorite, but you can also publish through, which opens your book up to places like Barnes & Noble online.

    My editor site is here:

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