Loving me:

I’ve never considered myself as beautiful. I’m not a confident person when it comes to my looks and body. See I have been molested and physically abused. So to me, my self-worth was low. I’ve had to battle forgiving myself for what happened to me years ago. But something happened on my birthday that I can’t explain. I felt confident and beautiful in my skin. I’ve never felt sexy before but it’s like all the layers of me fell off that day. It’s like the little girl and woman that I am coming to realize I’m beautiful. Despite what others tried to take from me I have survived.
I love her yes I do
I love her because I am you
I love you for your joys and pains
The strength you give
I love her yes I do
I love her because I am you
You hide your pain no one can see
The love you give is beyond beauty
You give so much and get nothing in return
So many lessons all have been learned
I love her yes I do
I love her because I am you
They may not see your beauty
And what you have to share
Your joy is endless and some are aware
Your love for other’s never goes unnoticed
I love her yes I do
I love her because I am you

It took me a while to look within and understand that no matter what was done they can’t take away my beauty. I’ve always heard that I was beautiful, pretty, etc but I never believed it. Until now my eyes are wide open and no matter what anyone may feel I’m beautiful. I will no longer accept my insecurities any longer.

13 thoughts on “Loving me:

  1. Ugh. I cannot imagine the trauma you’ve been through. I was simply teased in grammar school for my glasses, braces & thick, crazy hair. Yet, it the teasing words stuck. Only once I hit 30 did I say, “Okay this is me. I’m comfortable in my own skin, finally!” Despite the fact that I was always told I was beautiful, once I got through awkward adolescence. People even said “I turned heads when I walked into a room.” I never saw it. Your honesty and clearly beautiful heart alone make you gorgeous! From your photo, you definitely look equally gorgeous on the outside. ❤️

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  2. How incredibly beautiful and amazingly brave and empowering. I have family and friends who have gone through abuse, who are in different stages of recovery. It takes strength and your words embody that, and that’s the beauty that radiates from the inside out! You are AWESOME and I’m glad you have learned that about yourself and can help others do the same! (Loved the poem too)

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