Let’s talk:

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One thing that I have learned about being a parent is that I wish the things that I have done or said to my children would have been done or said to me. I understand that all parents are not the same and we parent very differently. And that’s one thing that I love about how I parent. Some may say it’s like being friends with your children. But I don’t feel like that is the case. My children and I are extremely close. And I’m always there for them no matter what they need. But one of my favorite things with my children is our talks. Talking to my mom was like facing judgment at times. I just needed someone to listen and understand me not to judge me and make me feel bad about myself. I wanted my mom to listen and just hear my heart and try to be understanding. I needed that a lot in my life from her. But it’s different with my children. I listen and give my advice only when I feel like it’s needed. Most of the time they just need you to listen to them so that you will know what they are dealing with at the time. As a mom, I see that they do listen and take my advice. They even come back and say mom you were right. But conversations with your children are so important. They need to know that you care about what they are going through and dealing with. I’m so thankful for the many conversations I have had with my children. It gives me a better sense that I have done a great job raising them.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk:

  1. The wisdom about what you do is that you learn from your Mom’s mistakes. I wasn’t afraid to talk to my mother in a sense I didn’t know how to approach her. Since I got save I realized that I was the one that was being macho. Trying to be the tough guy.
    It is very important that you and your children are good friend they are the ones you will go through life journey with.
    Good job mommy Cfoster20

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