My two cents:

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I’ve noticed that so many people are so interested in places opening back up more than they are about growing. Are you different since the coronavirus happened or are you the same? Some people are still the same, they don’t care about anything but going to the bars, clubs and other places just because. If you can’t put anything on social media to make it look like your living your best life, then people will assume that your not. I’m living my best life growing. This is the time that we shouldn’t take anything or anyone for granted. We need to be prayed up and make sure we are bettering ourselves. Too many people are okay with staying the same no matter what. But why? At some point you have got to know that what you are doing isn’t making you any better. When do we take a look in the mirror and reflect on ourselves? I had to go out to the store today and I’m noticing people buying things that are not necessary. I can’t make people notice that you only have one life and living it the best you can is more important than buying beer and cigarettes. We have to do better to be better. This is just my two cents take it for what it is.

6 thoughts on “My two cents:

  1. Agreed. It makes me very upset how many others are not taking this pandemic seriously and also not taking this rare opportunity to make changes for the better.

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  2. You are so right here. I have noticed that there are so many people out and about. I live near the coast and the beaches were packed last week! It’s unbelievable. The longer people go on being selfish the longer people like me with a chronic illness are kept away from my family. That my two cents! Thank you as always for your great post

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  3. I totally agree. So many prefer the outer life rather than the inner life which is complete and where we seek the answers to out lives. Those who will take advantage of this time to do some soul searching and strengthen their spirituality will be pushed into their true purpose.

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