Thinking out loud:

Yesterday was harder than I imagined that it would be. She just returned books, laptops, and picked up a cap and gown. Just imagine what next Saturday is going to be like. But it got me to thinking what do I do now? All three of my children are grown. So now it’s hubby and me. But what do I do with myself? I’m used to running around with my daughter to events and stuff like that. Now I will have time on my hands. I’m like you will have more time to work on your book, you will have more time to relax. But is this all that I am? Is this what I’m meant to do after all the kids are gone? Do I have nothing left to give or offer? This next season of life is truly stressing me out. I know that I shouldn’t be that concerned about it but I am. I know there will be more time with the hubby and travel and stuff like that but I feel like I was created for more to do more. Just thinking out loud. Maybe I am thinking too much into it.

8 thoughts on “Thinking out loud:

  1. No. I don’t think your thinking too much. Often times wives and mothers become caught up in the house, husband, children and when it comes to self they don’t have a plan. I have 4 more years to retire from teaching full time. I am thinking ahead. I am going to build a tiny house, blog, write more books, have time to sale my books and spend more time developing my media presents. I am also going to start a tutoring service that will only operate two days a week. No. You have to think ahead.

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  2. I have 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren and I too struggle with this. My youngest is graduating high school this year and it can be very scary, after they’ve been all you’ve known. I was just thanking God today that some of the struggle has subsided, and it made me realize that it is definitely a process and it takes patience with ourselves. We are the same ladies; just evolving and serving in a different capacity. The capacity of now giving back to ourselves; GIRL WE DESERVE IT. IT’S OUR TIME 🙂

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  3. I truly enjoy reading your posts, because they’re so truthful. They’re “real” and I can appreciate someone who doesn’t mind sharing her journey with others. In sharing, you tend to find out that you’re not alone and that there are others out there that can truly relate to what you’re going through. In essence, they may be going through a very similar situation in their lives. And that’s why I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in the questions you’re asking yourself about the next season of your life. I went (and continue) to go through a similar self-reflection and self-evaluation of what I am meant to do with my life.

    And, my crossroads journey became apparent when my (now) 10-year-old returned to public school (after I spent his first and second grade years homeschooling him). So, I can relate to feeling as if there’ll be a void that needs fulfilling (with some purpose-driven calling) once your daughter embarks upon her new journey. (Congratulations to her, by the way).

    Anyway, I would love for you to check out some of the mindset shifts that I went through as I sought to find a path to “The Rightful Placement” for my life. I think you might find my blog posts in the “Untitled Book #2” series helpful in giving you some perspective and direction on your new journey. And, please keep sharing your truth. It’s very inspirational.

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