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Today’s a little tough for me because even though we are going through this coronavirus life is still happening. My daughter has to turn in all her stuff at school and pick up her cap and gown today. I’m an emotional wreck, to say the least. Next Saturday she get’s to walk for her graduation and then just like that I’m an empty nester. Where has the time gone? I’m overwhelmed with joy and sadness. I’m so proud of her so far she has gotten two scholarships and she’s getting two cords for graduation. I feel like I’m dizzy with happiness. And then it’s on to college or more like online college for the time being. But I’m so proud of her. She is in a new season of life and so am I. I have all types of emotions going through me but I know that she will do fine in the world and me well I have to find what I want in this second season of life. Anyone an empty nester? Any advice for me?

14 thoughts on “Happiness:

  1. Congratulations on your daughter’s success. I wish her all the best. I am half way being an empty nester. My daughter is away at college and my son is preparing to go this year. God is able to fill in gaps. Keep trusting in him.

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  2. You are going through two paradigm shifts all at one time! Congratulations to your daughter on her achievements!
    It will all be well! been there and done that!! Hang in there and be safe!

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  3. Just coming across your post, so I am a bit late with my advice, but first, I want to say, congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishments. That is wonderful! As for empty-nester advice … give yourself time to adjust to your major life change. It took me several months to retrain myself to buy groceries for only two after our daughter moved into student housing. We had been feeding her, of course, and many of her friends. I was excited for our daughter’s new adventures and life stage, but I also needed to grieve being an involved mom with a child at home. It took time, but eventually I began to embrace my new way of being. I hope this helps. Best to you and her! 😊

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