How is your self-talk:

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What does your self-talk sound like? I mean really? What do you say to yourself? I’m ugly, I’m not good enough, why does anyone want to be my friend? Well I hope not. My self-talk use to be horrible. I mean the things that I would say to myself is embarrassing and just not okay. My self-talk use to go something like this: your not good enough for him. Your not all that pretty and guys don’t like women who know more about sports then them. That’s pretty mild from what I use to say. Now my self-talk is more uplifting and positive now. Words have the power to make or break us. And more than anything our words to ourselves are more harmful then anyone else’s. We have got to uplift and speak life to ourselves. Yes things can be tough but your words can change the situation. Your words can encourage yourself as well as others. So please stop the negative self-talk and start speaking life over yourself.

15 thoughts on “How is your self-talk:

  1. I think that some of our self talk began at childhood. I know when I grow up I heard how ugly I was, I had a big forehead, flat nose, small ears, ugly feet. I didn’t see anything beautiful about me so I took those labels into most of my adult life until I went into therapy. The power of what we hear influences our self talk.

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    1. I agree with you 100% because I was called all kinds of names when I was a kid. And my granny said to me it’s not about what they say to you but what you believe about yourself.

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  2. My self talking is more on the line of “first this, second step is that, then this and last that.” Some times it is “you dumb ass why did you do that!” Self-talking can be encouraging or destructive; I have spent a lot of time helping my oldest daughter and friends to break this nasty behaviour.

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  3. I agree so much with this. I think self talk also comes in the messages we hear growing up, from our parents, other adults and teachers, etc. I’m so mindful of this now as a parent and the messages my little one hears. I want him to have a positive self concept and inner dialogue.

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