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I must say that this time during lockdown has been truly good. The reason why I say this is because I feel like spending time, communication and love that has been shown. Yesterday was a rainy day so my husband and I decided to make our daughter a senior breakfast since she won’t be able to have one. She was so shocked and surprised. It made it so worth it. I’m realizing that we are appreciating one another and the things that we do for each other. I got to talk to my sons and I learned that one of my son’s has a surprise on the way for me ( and no it’s not a kid). I love surprises even though I don’t get them often. I just reflected on the time that we were so busy doing this and doing that, that we just didn’t realize how busy we were. I mean yes we made time to do things but everyone has there own lives and things that they want to do more that it’s hard to spend time together. I’m blessed to be able to laugh, spend time and just listen to how everyone is feeling at this time. I feel like God is wanting us to appreciate those around us, to understand that life isn’t always about busyness and just to get us to rest. I know that this virus is very serious but have you ever stopped to think that what you have been praying for he is giving you? You want more time with family and now you have it. You hated your job and now you don’t have one, but you are realizing a new dream and passion. You wanted to work on your marriage more now you have time. We can be quick to point out the negative in this time, but lets stop to point out the positive as well. This is my daughter senior year. She had so much going on that we were going to be busy all the month of May. I’m honored to have this time to work on relationships, to go deeper with people, to be able to spend more time with my family and also to work on myself. I hope you all are seeing the positive in this time.

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  1. This has been a very trying time but I agree with your sentiment that we are being forced to slow down our lives and in the process of doing so, finding meaningful connection and time spent with family.

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  2. I love your ” just enjoy life more”
    In 2021, I am going to restructure my vision board and spend more time on my next two manuscripts, and I am working with a marketing firm to push my books. I am going to travel in 2021.

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