It has to stop:

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I’m sitting here today thinking about my life. My relationships have gotten so much better. Except for one. I haven’t talked to my dad since March and to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it. I stopped talking to my dad because I was tired of him lying to me. All my life that is all my dad did to me was lie. And I had, had enough. At some point, this has got to stop. You can’t continue to lie to me and let me down all the time.
But it bothers me that he doesn’t get it. It’s just another day to him. He doesn’t understand why I’m upset. It doesn’t matter how many times I have told him this already. He just seems to be clueless. I’m the only child that he makes promises to and doesn’t come through on. So I’m tired and done. When I feel like talking to him then I will but right now I need time to heal. Your parents are supposed to set an example for you. Not lie to you and think that it’s okay. My dad has never been there for me in any way in my life. Just trying to figure out what I did so bad to be treated like this.

12 thoughts on “It has to stop:

  1. All power to you, girl. I’m glad this has been a time that’s helped strengthen your relationships. Don’t beat yourself up about things out of your control which includes peoples reaction towards you or how they treat you. It just reflects who they are and says nothing about you!

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  2. I don’t talk to my father either. He cheated on my mother, then strung her along and led her to believe they’d get back together for years. He obviously favors my younger sister, and bullied both her and my mom into eating disorders. He makes no effort to have any relationship with me, as he thinks it’s the children’s duty to do all the emotional legwork of a relationship. I haven’t seen him since January, where he barely spoke to me at a birthday party, and completely forgot my birthday this year. We exchange texts for holidays, but that’s it. I’ve given up on him. I won’t ever be the child he wants, and I’ve long-since given up trying to be that.

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      1. I’m an over-sharer online, it’s in my nature 🙂

        But yeah, I agree with what the others have said as well. This is on him, not you. Once I stopped trying so hard and expecting something might change, only to be disappointed with the same behaviors, I was much happier in my dealings with him.

        Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

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  3. Sis, just pray for him. I am proud of you, working on your relationship – congratulations! Back to your Dad, he has made his decisions. IF he wants a relationship with you, it is his decision to come to YOU. You have tried! Pray for him, pray the God touches his heart, ask your TRUE Father in Heaven to take control of every facet of your life. That is the path to peace and fullness, Amen.

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  4. From the outside looking in, I would encourage you not to take on your dad’s issues as if you are making him act this way. He makes his own decisions. Continue to pray for your dad and trust our heavenly Father, who is the father to the fatherless, to heal your broken heart. The only one who can change man is God. Don’t give up on praying for your earthly dad. God loves you.

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