Being a mom:

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Being a mother has always been special to me. I knew that when I became a mother that I wanted to do things differently. I want to say I love you to my kids, I’m proud of you and things like this. The word I love you was rarely used for me growing up with my mom and dad. My granny told me a lot but not my mom and dad. I rarely heard them say that they were proud of me also. But now that I’m grown I hear it more. I wish they would have affirmed me when I was younger it would have helped me a lot. I wanted my kids to have what I wanted so bad growing up. I want them to know and feel love. I want them to know and understand how proud of them I am. I want to have fun with them and let them know that I’m here. To me being a mother is a hard job but so rewarding also. I have seen my kids become some amazing adults. I love to spend time with them and hear them laugh. I love it when they tell me that I did a good job with them. I just didn’t want to give my kids things growing up, I also wanted to give my kids lessons that they would need in life. I want them to love themselves and understand that people won’t always love you back in return. As I watch my children grow I see that they are taking the lessons that I taught them in there relationships and friendships. There is no greater job than being a mom. For me, I love the phone calls, text messages, and time spent with my kids. It’s always the little things that mean the most to me. I wish that my parents would have shown me love and made me feel like I was special. But it’s okay because I’m making sure that my kids feel this way.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about what you love in being a mom. My children are 11 and 12 and as they grow older right before my eyes I am struck by the things I enjoy about them too. Things such as they way they protest when they don’t want to do something. My son will scrunch up his face and try to reason his way out of it and my daughter will lash out verbally with a sharpness in her tone and the narrowing of her eye. I like fun at it some times and we laugh about it (not at the moment do I do this of course). Lol.

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