Marriage Journey:

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This weekend was truly wonderful. I see know that when you let go and let God have his way things will be so much better. I’m not the best communicator but this weekend my husband and I had a great time. I’m learning lessons like never before, but one lesson that I have learned is to not dwell on the past. Focus on what is now and in front of you. We dwell too much on the past or what the person is not doing, but we never take the time to see where this person is at right now. I’m on a journey of doing things better in my marriage. Too many people are quick to give up because we don’t want to be married anymore. I have felt like this before but the problem is not always your spouse, it’s you also. I’m working and learning how to do better. We decided early on that divorce was not an option, and it’s always easy to leave but it’s not easy to stay. So many people take the easy road. There is no sticking it out to work it out. We think that the next person will be better. Well, you have to be better before you can be better for someone else.

3 thoughts on “Marriage Journey:

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