Real marriage talk:

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So I always want to practice what I preach. So for me, it’s how do I want to be treated? I’ve started treating my husband how I want to be treated. His love language is words of affirmation and gifts. So today I went and got him a toolset. He has been wanting and needing one but they are so expensive. But I got a good deal on a toolset and surprised him with it today. I love to show love through physical touch and doing things for others. My husband isn’t the mushy type of guy which is fine, so I have to do things that I know will speak to him. I love surprising my husband with gifts because the look on his face is priceless and it shows me how much he cares. My love language is acts of service and physical touch. If you wash dishes or give me hugs and kisses well I’m the happiest woman in the world. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m not hard to please at all. I know that the only way that my marriage will improve is if I take the first steps to make it better. If you want your marriage to be better think of your spouse’s needs before your own. Trust my marriage is about two people, not one.

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