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Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in my tears
So much pain in my heart so much life, so much fear
I pushed myself to new heights and new limits
You let me fall, no love, no commitment
How can I stand on these two feet alone
My faith in you was shot to the bone
Here I lay dying inside, my pain, my fear and now my pride
How could you not see the woman that I am
Is your life so important that you don’t give a damn
Here I lay in pain because of you
I gave to much love, my time it’s true
Can I start over and forget my past
You must deal with your pain is that too much to ask
Here I lay thinking things were right
My life you didn’t care about not only for one night
Now as I close my eyes to sleep, so much hurt and pain
I’m drowning in my anguish, resentment, and pain

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