I don’t understand:

So Texas is opening up some business tomorrow, and I for one am not okay with this. I can understand that people are tired of being at home, but I would rather stay at home than end up in a hospital and could possibly die. How is going to the movies, bowling or the mall that important? So we would rather cater to people who whine about what they want but when they get sick and possibly die then the family wanna get mad. Please, people, let’s us some much needed common sense. It’s not that important to get out now, your putting yourself and others at risk. I’m just not okay with this.

14 thoughts on “I don’t understand:

  1. I live in Georgia so I feel your pain. I just shook my head when our Governor opened up everything. I don’t get it either. I am just making the best decision for me and my family and staying home. Like you said, some people just have to go out and deal with the consequences before they realize how serious this is.

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  2. I guess it’s a lot to do with money and stimulation of the economy again. I live in London and we still locked down for another week officially but I hope its going to be a lot longer, despite the walls closing in..

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  3. I live in Florida, and they are hoping the governor begins reopening by this weekend, but they said it’s going to be in phases. I’m unsure of what all of that entails. For example, I believe salons will be open but with many restrictions.

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  4. I live in Texas and I’m totally okay with it. The county I live in has relatively few cases but we are so close to a major city most businesses that are allowed to re-open are choosing to keep closed. And, most businesses as still not able to re-open. Gyms, hair salons, nail salons, preschools (not daycares) and schools are all still very closed. My local theater is an AMC theater and they are closed nationwide. In some very remote West Texas and far South Texas communities there are no cases reported. There is no reason they should be closed. Those places are usually barely hanging on as it is. Let those folks eek out a living as best as they can.

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    1. I understand counties that doesn’t have any cases. But I live in a county that has the highest cases. School are closed for the rest of the year. But I believe people’s lives are more important. People are not able to see or visit there sick. And no funerals for the dead.

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  5. Same here in Nigeria. Petty shops are opened and people don’t care if there is a killer virus out there. I appreciate the delivery companies, health workers and everyone that needed to be out for us to stay safe.

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  6. I live in Texas and our zip code had a spike recently, mostly by community spread. I don’t mind some businesses opening as long as people are respectful of social distance and wear a mask! Even if an individual is not worried about themselves, they don’t know if they are asymptomatic and passing it on to vulnerable people. Not everyone knows how vulnerable they are either because we know so little about this virus. Keep safe and lets hope there is not a spike after opening Texas up.

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