Working on me:

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I’m learning things about myself daily, and one thing that I have learned is that I’m letting my past control me. I learning that I can’t be a good wife until I release my past. I hold back when it comes to love, compassion and giving my all. I have been hurt so much that I don’t want to give my all to anyone. And it shouldn’t be that way. I have let them pass relationships haunt me and build a wall up where I can’t give my all. I’m struggling with this but I am taking steps that are helping me to deal with my issues. It won’t happen overnight but I know that the first step is to deal with the hurt and pain. I need to learn to open up more but right now I can’t.

2 thoughts on “Working on me:

  1. I can relate and that is what scares me the most about committing to marriage. Because before I offer my all to someone I need to love and appreciate myself first. Accepts everything about me. I love how straight forward yet profound each of your posts are. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are working on yourself heck I am often in denial myself. All the best dear.

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