Change or stay the same:

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I know that everyone has thought about what they are going to do once this crisis is over. But here’s a question that I pose to you are you going to be the same or different? Are you going to slack on family time again? Or are you going to make family time a priority? Are you going to be back in buying endless things that you don’t need or are you going to clean out your closet and give things away to charity? I know that when this is over with things in my life are changing and will continue to change because what I felt like was important wasn’t. The time that I have with my family is priceless and I’m going to spend more time with them. No more complaining about what I don’t want to do with them I’m all in now. So my question to you is are you going to stay the same or will you change?

2 thoughts on “Change or stay the same:

  1. I am raising my hand for change. I was slacking on family time and the experience of a good social life. I have recreated my vision board, and thank God I can work from home. Saving money and paying off bills in full is amazing

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