Stop complaining:

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I’ve seen so many people complain about what’s going on in the world. And to be honest, it’s getting on my nerves, so I posed a question. People complain that they don’t get to spend enough time with there kids, spouse, rediscover a dream, etc so what’s the problem now? The problem is even though we are given this time we still complain. Nothing satisfies people anymore! I truly don’t understand. How about sitting down with yourself and work on you for a better you. How about spend more time with your kids and talk with them to see how they are doing and what’s been going on with them. How about thinking about others besides yourself. Yes, we are all in this together but no one wants to hear you complain day after day. It could be worse and you could be sick and not able to have your family visit you. So please people have some compassion and stop complaining. Everything could be taken away from you but it’s not. There are people without a job who are not complaining, there are people who have lost people who are not complaining. How about being more grateful for what and who you have.

2 thoughts on “Stop complaining:

  1. There is an adage in my language that say “No matter how you please people, no matter how act to them, no matter how you bend to please, they will never be satisfied. I don’t have time for my kids, I don’t have time for my spouse, I dont have time for God and now just few weeks into the compulsory break, everyone can’t wait to jump out of the house. So much for spending quality time with people that matters.

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