Confessions of a wife:

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I’ve been married for 9 years now and there are so many things that I wish I could have known before I got married. There are so many things that I wish I could go back and redo. But as they say, the past is the past and the only thing that you can change is now. I must confess that being a wife is not easy, there are so many challenges that I face day to day. Like, am I doing enough in my marriage? So many wives make it look so easy, but I noticed that they only talk about the good things and never the things that they are going through. To be honest, marriage isn’t all about the good days, but the bad ones as well. I’m not perfect, but imperfectly perfect. My flaws run deep and at times I do wonder if I’m doing this right. I often wonder if maybe my husband picked the wrong person. Trust me I’m not the only wife who has thought these things, but I may be the only one talking about it now. Let’s face it we all need someone, to be honest with us and well I’m being honest right now. More on my confessions of being a wife.

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a wife:

  1. I think this is beautifully written and is something that even I go through, despite not being married yet. I think just being overly-hard on ourselves is something that most of us struggle with daily, let alone adding the responsibility of being a wife. I know I also critic myself SO often. Like you said – we are perfectly imperfect and that is 100% okay. Love your words – they are like poetry.

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