I don’t understand:

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I’m trying to understand why the president is so in a hurry to get people back to work. So it’s okay to have people go back to work and knowing that there is a possibility that this virus could spread even more. Now excuse me if I’m wrong but people are more important to me than money. Yes, we need money to survive but people are also important. People are dying and people are recovering, but what happens when we get back to work and it continues to spread? What happens when more people die? So is life not more than money? Or is money more important than people? God help us because we are putting people’s lives at stake. I’m okay with social distancing, I’m okay with people working from home and I’m okay with people who are out of work getting unemployment. What I’m not okay with is the fact that people could possibly be going back to work and spread the virus more and it becomes worse. Maybe I’m reading to much into it, but without people, there won’t be an economy. Why are people’s lives not as important? I truly hope that the president and all of the congress know what they are doing. Good thing I don’t put my faith in them, but in God.

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      1. Well I’m laid off right now and drawing unemployment. But I certainly do not want to go bk to work with this not under control. President Trump doesn’t speak for everyone.

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  1. Great food for thought. When I converted to Christianity, I no longer put faith in man and definitely not in politicians. My allegiance is pledged to God; and in Him only does my faith lies.

    As of yet, my family has not been negatively affected by COVID-19; however, we take nothing for granted as our lives can change in a New York minute.

    People are in our thoughts and prayers while the wrath of God is upon a world full of much wickedness. Perhaps God will allow us to live through this so the world can repent (Luke 13:3,5) and turn to His commandments for life and godliness.

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  2. Your President sadly cares more about being re-elected than people. The longer people are in self isolation, the more the economy ranks and the more it hurts his political chances. It really is very sad. Trust God, I say, and not the President.

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