About yesterday:

Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com

Yesterday was truly amazing, to be honest. I didn’t realize how much fun I had with my husband and daughter. I got to hang out with my baby girl and watch our show on Netflix and just talk. Spending time with her is so important because she’s about to enter into a new season this year. College student. Even though she may not have graduation she’s going to college. Just hanging with her and her wanting to hang with me I love it. And of course the hubby I love spending time with him, even when he gets on my nerves. But yesterday was just so peaceful and we were all laughing and just being silly. I know this is a stressful time for everyone but we all have to make the most of it. Spend one on one time with everyone, I’m truly cherishing this moment because like I said my daughter will be in college soon. The hubby and I are going to be empty nesters so make the most of your time with the people that you love. The little things truly matter most.

4 thoughts on “About yesterday:

  1. My daughter started college this year but decided to stay local. So glad of that. Before the outbreak, I had to be penciled into her schedule because she was so busy. It was hard adjusting and realizing she has her own social life. Cherish the time you have, as you know, they grow up fast. Thanks for sharing.

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