This is not a joke:

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In this madness, I have seen that people become bold and rude. The one thing that I dislike the most about this situation is that people are taking lightly there marriages. I have read so many people talking about once this is over they are getting a divorce. But why???? I’m not understanding this. Maybe you had problems before and now this staying at home is just making you have to deal with it more. But one thing I read on someone’s post is that they love the money more than the man. Whoa, that is so disrespectful and why would you post something like this. Well, just a little background on this lady she is a stay at home mom and her husband makes great money. He travels a lot for his job and now that he’s not traveling she doesn’t like him being at home. Why even marry the man, to begin with??????? I don’t understand why people marry just so that they can say they’re married. This makes no sense to me. But in all truthfulness, if you are having problems in your marriage now is the time to talk about what is going on and try to work it out. No matter what the problem it will not get resolved if you don’t talk about it. I wish people would stop making jokes about once this is over then they are over. God didn’t create marriage to be taken lightly. Please be more respectful than this.

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  1. Well the test of time will reveal the true heart of a lot of people. Sad to say I wonder at times where is love, compassion. Honestly there is a spirit of manipulation that is hitting hard on the male gender but we all must remember that God will bring all works in judgment. I have heard and seen things like this I even experience things like this. I will encourage men to hold up their head because there are some women who don’t care about your well- being. All that is important is that you provide what they want which is call money. Real madness cfoster20 the problem some are even active in churches too. We must pray that dignity return to our women and men don’t manipulated by gold diggers. It is the spirit of the last day call lovers of self

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    1. I feel the same way. I’m grateful for my husband and all that he does for me. During this time and beyond. I’m just tired of people faking marriage. They want the one day so bad but you made a vow to God. All because you care about money and not the man?? You should work then and leave men alone. It breaks my heart that men are not appreciated more. But I’ve also seen men leave women because they make more money, look at certain way etc. We must not play with marriage it’s to important.

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      1. These are ungodly acts and many of these people are proud doing it. Men or women who manipulate their partner or try to control someone’s emotion for selfish gain will have to face God and no sin go unpunished.

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  2. I agree. It seems today we are living in a microwavable society that wants everything right now. Some sort of entitlement issues. There are 2 movies I would suggest watching. One is called Sacred Vow and the other is A Christmas Kiss. One movie shows what can happen when you sacrifice your marriage for worldly pleasures and the other shows what happens when you try to plot and conspire to marry to get what you want. These two are real eye openers. Which is wrong with most married couples who go into these marriages with their eyes wide shut and when they have to deal with real life situations, or their eyes are opened to the truth they lack the moral fortitude to deal with it. We really need to pray for marriages—especially in the church. Sometimes we just can’t believe what we see.

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