About yesterday:

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Yesterday was not a good day at all. My husband got on my last nerve. This was just another way to take something bad and turn it into good. I went to my room and started rewriting my book. Yes rewriting my book. I haven’t really been working on it like I would like to but yesterday I rewrote two chapters. This is certainly a challenging time and the argument was just dumb, but just being together was a lot yesterday. So pretty much all day yesterday everyone was in their own space which was nice because the tension was down. I guess this is another way to learn new things. Personally, space is important. Tension is going to be high you just have to know how to defusive the situation. I was okay reading and rewriting my book. Trying to make this new normal, normal. Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “About yesterday:

  1. I think space is something we must learn to create in our own mind. This is such a good post because it highlights how many of us are bottled up together in tense times. We don’t always react as our best selves. Very wise of you to take yourself off and do your own thing

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