How are you?:

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This has been a very interesting week. But we are doing okay. I’m enjoying being at home. It has opened up many conversations that were needed but never had time to talk about. Plus the endless movies we get to watch. I’m just hoping that we won’t start getting on each other’s nerves soon. But one thing that is important is to make sure you spend time with each other. Yes, you may always be in the house with each other but it’s different from spending time together. This may be our new normal for a while but as long as you give each other space, spend time together and have meaningful conversations hopefully the time will fly bye. How is everyone doing during this time?

5 thoughts on “How are you?:

  1. I’m ok. I am still working Mon to Fri in my evening job and hopefully I can still in my morning.
    I am enjoying my weekend in my own company and the company of blogger on WordPress, when I am on.

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