Stop complaining:

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Maybe it’s me but I’m tired of hearing people complain that they have to be at home with their spouse and kids. Am I missing something? So would you rather your family have the virus? I’m confused? Most people are working from home, okay you have a job. Be thankful because most people have lost their jobs or were out of work before the virus. So now you have to spend time with your kids! Kids grow up so fast please cherish them while they are still at home. And now you have to be with your spouse all the time. I don’t mind my husband working from home trust me it’s teaching me patience. Something that I seriously need to learn. Why don’t we all look at this situation from a positive standpoint? How about maybe this will create a closer bond with your spouse and kids. Maybe learning how to be creative in the family, our even learning something new about each other. You can go for walks, paint, draw or do something fun. I would rather my family be healthy than sick. I would rather use this time as a learning lesson. I’m not taking anything for granted. Maybe we all need to learn some patience.

3 thoughts on “Stop complaining:

  1. You are so right. Our kids have left home and we have grandchildren. Through tech we can see each other everyday. As long as they are safe I’m happy. My daughter has already had Covid 19 and has recovered. She and her family are isolated. But they are loving it. She has lost her job, she’s a freelance TV producer and her contract was cancelled. My husband and I joked that even after 45 years together we still enjoy each other’s company which is just as well! We should all use this rather strange time to draw closer to each other thank you for this post

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