What if there is no graduation:

I want everyone to be safe and to not hoard all the supplies. But I’m going to say this and yes I feel selfish but my daughter graduates from high school in May. And to be honest it’s going to hurt if she doesn’t get to walk to get her diploma. My last child and I may not get to see her graduate. It hurts but I know the importance of staying safe. I’m being honest about how I feel. She has to do online schooling right now because her school is closed this week. But this is just how I feel. Safety is so important right now and if I can’t see her graduate then I have to be okay with this.

7 thoughts on “What if there is no graduation:

  1. I feel for those that will miss out on stuff like this.
    In the UK I have heard proms have been cancelled. Exams on hold.
    I hope they do well as they would have done had it not been for this virus.
    But yes, they need to be safe.

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  2. I am right there with you! My second (and last) child is scheduled to graduate 5/27 and I know it’s not going to happen. They’ve cancelled all of the other activities out of necessity (and closings). I empathize with all the seniors.

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