Am I wrong?:

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Have you ever just wanted to enjoy somethings alone? Have you ever been made to feel guilty because you want to enjoy doing some things alone? I have shows or just want to listen to a podcast alone, but sometimes when I watch my shows my husband always wants to ask me about it or go back, etc. It bothers me a lot. I try to watch my shows when he is not around, but sometimes I can’t do that. Why does it frustrate me so much when I want to watch something in peace and I can’t get that peace. Am I wrong? I don’t mind him watching things with me but I do mind the questions and wanting to always have conversations about it. Maybe it’s me but maybe it’s not. We should all have moments of doing things alone right?

5 thoughts on “Am I wrong?:

  1. It is not wrong. We all need “me” time and our “person space.” My husband preached a sermon that stated this and even Jesus need time alone. If you have not already done so, my recommendation is to speak with your husband about this. Often, we do not see our own flaws. I was thankful that my husband pointed out what I could see about myself that was annoying to him. I self-examined myself, agreed with his observation and took correction measures. Things are great. I did same to him.

    “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”
    Luke 5:16

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  2. I can so relate to this I spend my whole life craving peace. With my MS noise bothers me. My husband always starts talking to me the minute I put my headphones on, or comes into my room the minute he hears the theme of a favourite programme starting. You are not wrong at all. I think exactly like that. It’s why I can’t write as often as I would like to as I am often interrupted. Being annoyed is not wrong. We are all entitled to our own space sometimes

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