Taken me back:

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

I feel lighter than I have in months. I’m letting go of all things that have weighed me down for years. Not only have I let go of not having my dad in my life, but I’m also opening my heart and being more vulnerable about how I feel. I don’t try to hide behind a mask anymore. I’m embracing my truth. I have learned that life is way to short to let others have power over me. I’m working on myself and loving myself to being a better person. My peace doesn’t come from others it comes from the Lord. My joy and happiness is on me and not about others. I’m sure that I will shed other loads from my life soon. This is just beginning to doing better and being better. God is doing great work in my life. I know that holding on to so much baggage has taken a toll on my heart. I’m taking my health back as well. It’s time to get me together.

4 thoughts on “Taken me back:

  1. So excited to read this post. I can relate I am going through a similar transformation and healing process. one of the best parts for me is learning to slow down, getting rid of distractions and not engaging in dysfunctional relationships. Keep going and keep your head up.

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