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I’ve had disappointments in my life. More than I can count actually. The disappointment for me is when your dad doesn’t show up for you. My dad has caused me more disappointment than I can count. Even as a child he made promises and would say things and never does what he says. You would think that as an adult I’m over that and know better. But when you want and crave a better relationship with your dad and he just doesn’t want that, that hurts. My dad was supposed to be here this weekend and backed out, but my heart was crushed. But one thing I do know, I’m not putting myself through this again I can’t. I have to have a conversation with him and be done. If you don’t feel like I’m important enough then I shouldn’t have you in my life. I’m tired of being disappointed by him all the time.

12 thoughts on “Disappointment:

  1. Hang in there and do the very best you can to move on. At times I still think about the pain but I pray my way back to a sound mind without the abandonment. It is a hard pill to swollen for children that has to grow up wondering Why?

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  2. I pray for that the relationship between you and your father get better. I pray that God touches you and heals you of your emotional wounds and you are able to walk in forgiveness. For any relationship, forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is really for you more than it is for the other person. It helps you to move on with your life and not carry around emotional weight that will eventually impact other aspects of your life.

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  3. Thanks for sharing – very interesting.

    Coping with the pain of rejection….We can be assured that a father’s rejection of you does not mean that you are worthless. The psalmist David stated: In case my own father and my own mother did leave me, even Jehovah himself would take me up
    – Psalm 27:10
    So, yes, you still have great value in the eyes of God.

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