Young girls:

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As my daughter prepares to graduate in about a couple of months, it has me concerned. I want all young ladies to go into the world knowing that they are beautiful and loved. I see how some of these teen girls are dressing and I’m just wondering who are they trying to impress? I wonder if their mothers tell them there beautiful. I wonder if their mothers inspire them to be more than what they see on social media. I wonder if their dads say she’s my princess and not everyone is allowed to have her heart. I wonder if dad takes the time out to notice when something has changed. We need to uplift and empower our young girls. They are so much more and can be so much more if we let them know. You don’t need a bunch of makeup to look beautiful, you don’t need to show your assets to be sexy and you sure don’t need to have sex to be and feel loved. I wish someone would have taken the time out to tell me these things when I was younger. But now I have the opportunity to tell it to my daughter and other young girls. Own your type of beauty. Men tell your daughters they are beautiful and let them know that no matter what they are loved.

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