Heart issue:

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I got a call from my cardiologist nurse letting me know the results of my heart monitor. And she said that I have Arrhythmia with is also called irregular heartbeat. My heart monitor showed that my heartbeat was off. I asked her is that why I feel my heart fluttering all the time? And she said yes. I have an appointment this month to see my cardiologist and discuss with her the next steps. But it got me to thinking about my heart. Not only do I have this issue but I have a deeper issue. We can bury things in our lives that hurt us and not deal with them. Which is my case? I’m not really trying to bury it but more like dealing with it and it’s hard because when you have dealt with pain it just seems normal. But we all have heart issues, sometimes we deal with the issues and sometimes we don’t. I need not only to take care of my heart physically but I need to deal with the things that are bothering me. Do you have a heart issue?

5 thoughts on “Heart issue:

  1. I find myself dealing with issues that have started as far back as my childhood. Whenever we react to certain things that trigger negative emotions, it’s a heart issue. For out of the heart flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). We have to be aware of what enters our hearts due to circumstances and how others may have treated us in the past. For instance, I know that growing up without my father influenced my self-esteem, issues and harboring unforgiveness and looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. I tried to fill the void in my heart that I later found out that only God can fill. Through my relationship with God I found love, acceptance, healing and purpose. I give God all the glory for empowering me to overcome my battles and the issues I continue am working through.

    I pray God’s healing power touch you now and give you a miracle in your body, in Jesus name!

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