Daddy issues: Part 2

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I believe that my daddy issues also had something to do with the relationships that I got into with men. I didn’t always pick the best men to date. I wanted the bad boy, someone reckless but that wasn’t as exciting as I thought. That ended up being my first experience with physical abuse. All my relationships were extremely different from each other. I guess I was looking for my type our someone that I thought was like my dad’s style. But then I was just looking for someone to love me and let me tell you, you can’t have anyone love you until you love yourself. That was a very hard and long lesson to learn. I married someone totally opposite of my dad. Someone who has stuck with me through some pretty hard and emotional times. I always wanted someone true and genuine who would love all my flaws and imperfections. And I have found him. Do I still have daddy issues yes, but I’m not looking for something that’s not reachable and mutual?

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