Relax-Letting my daughter go:

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As the months are passing I feel myself getting sad. My baby girl will be graduating from high school soon. And I will be an empty nester, so many things are going through my mind. Did I talk to her about life enough, will we still hang out and have mother-daughter time, will she still call and text me. Have I guided her enough? All this is so overwhelming and I had to stop and really think to myself. You did a great job with her, she will always be there. Relax lady your daughter loves you and there are no worries. You have put love in her life. She knows that she can come to you about anything. She’s not leaving you she’s just in a new season. Relax mom you have instilled some great things in her life. It’s okay to be sad she’s your baby. But you have done this twice already and your sons are always calling, asking for advice and just checking on there mom right? So what’s makes this any different? Relax, it’s your time to watch what God has put in them come to life. You have done a great job mom. Now relax it’s okay to be amazing seeing your children blossom before your very eyes.

6 thoughts on “Relax-Letting my daughter go:

  1. Nice post. I’m sure she’ll be fine though with a strong mom like you. I feel you though, my two older boys – no problem letting them head on their own – my daughter, I’m sure I’ll be a mess. You’re doing great:)

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  2. As a daughter who moved out the day after my high school graduation, I can say with confidence that she will call you and text you more often than you think! You can do everything you can as a mom to raise her, and there are routines and manners that she will keep forever, but some things we do have to figure out on our own! 🙂

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  3. I understand where you are. My son is graduating this year and I have been feeling forgotten all year long. It used to be a joke but now I’m really feeling quite sad about it. To hear they are starting g new seasons makes me feel better. We all have those! 😏

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