My baby sister:

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I have a small circle who I can talk to about anything. I’m the only child that my mom has but I’m the second child that my dad has out of four. Growing up I was super close to my older sister, but when I was 16 I got to send the summer with my dad. That was the highlight of my childhood. But the best part was spending time with my baby sister and brother. We had a bond that was like best friends. Over the years I could call on my baby sister to laugh, get things off my chest and just to catch you. My baby sister and I haven’t talked like we use to in a while and it made me sad. But we are grown and have different things going on in our life. But during the last couple of months, my sister and I have been talking and just catching up. I needed to hear her voice, her support, and just her love. When you have people in your life who are extremely important don’t take them for granted. I love my baby sister with all that is within me.

6 thoughts on “My baby sister:

  1. As children my baby sister and I didn’t like each other at all. We would fight and she would pull my hair out! But we had fun as well particularly as she grew a bit older. Now, I couldn’t imagine my world without her I love her with all my heart and she me. We support each other through bad times and good. Sibling relationships are often love/hate. Loving your blog as always

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