Monday Motivation:

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Have you ever wanted to do something but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever wanted to accomplish something but didn’t have the time? Well, it’s Monday and it’s time to get some motivation. We can make excuses about anything in life, but if you really want something when are you going to start? I want to be a published author but I haven’t written for my book in a while. How am I going to publish a book that’s not even done yet? I want to have a better relationship with God but I haven’t opened my bible in awhile. How is that relationship going to happen if I keep putting it off? What about my relationship with my husband? I feel like I have been lazy in that area as well. When am I going to put in the effort to do something about it? Now is the time. We can make time for anything else but we can’t make time for what really matters. What does your priority look like? Why are the important things something that you’re not working on now? Well no more excuses, because I know that when you start something that is important to you then your going to make sure it’s done right. Let’s make Monday the day of motivation and whatever you have been putting on the back burner that is important it’s time to do it now. Life waits for no one tomorrow is not promised.

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