Am I dreaming:

Broken dreams broken heart
I feel like my whole world is falling apart
My heart is hurting no release to be found
I’m a loveless child with no parent around
My head is spinning who really cares
I’m afraid to lie down my thoughts all alone
Am I dreaming is this real
This is a hard pill to swallow my dreams are crumbling like no tomorrow
It hurts but I’m afraid to let people in
I’m not perfect my life is full of sin
I care to much and hurt to deep
It’s often hard for me to fall asleep
No joy just pain all sorrow no gain
I shift my life back to the pain
I try to clear my head but the pain hurts to deep
I guess I will try to see if I can find some sleep
I need to rest I need to breathe
I need to have a dream to believe

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