I care to much:

Sometimes I feel like a broken record to people. I give my advice, attention, and suggestions. Only to feel like people only care about you when it’s convenient for them. No matter if you say I love you, it’s words. No matter if you show them you love them it’s not good enough. I try to be there for people as much as I can, but lately, I feel like I’m just repeating myself. I’m tired physically and mentally. I have a lot going on between my health and looking for a job. I feel like people take me for granted. I don’t genuinely feel appreciated. My problem I think I care too much about people and how they are feeling. I care about what they think. I need to stop. This is my flaw my thorn and I need to stop.

2 thoughts on “I care to much:

  1. Sending you love during this difficult time. It is so hard when the people we love disappoint us. Know you are not alone in these frustrations. Be kind to yourself and keeping striving to love yourself more and more

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  2. I understand just where you are. I think I began dealing with this tendency when I realize that although it’s okay to care for others, if caring for them is destroying me then it’s time to pull back. It’s not an easy thing to break because it seems that some of us are carers and nurturers to the core. So for us striking a balance is important and knowing when to pull back is uber important. I don’t know if you’ve notice, but as long as you keep caring, giving, nurturing, som people will just keep taking without conscience. Because that’s who they are. So you have to go into self-preservation mode. They are never gonna ever have enough or get enough. And they will never look out for you. Therefore, you have to look for you and you do that by asking your Creator to help you. It’s a process and you’ll get there…one moment at a time. One ‘no’ at a time. One ‘yes with boundaries’ with boundaries at a time. Hope this helps.

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