Just Stop:

As a woman, I have been independent longer than I have been married. And I’m realizing that I don’t have to do it all on my own anymore. Why is it so hard for me to let others help me? I’m always fussing at my husband and daughter, but I don’t give them the chance to do the things that I fuss about because I’m so busy doing it myself. I get it my way. I don’t allow people to help because I feel like I can do it all on my own and when I can’t I get mad. But why? I’m the problem not them. So many times I do this to myself and I had to stop and say your the problem. Either you fix yourself or you stop complaining about what others are not doing. I don’t give them time to do anything, to be honest. And it’s not like I’m controlling the situation I’m just a doer and I like to have and get things done. I’m working on me and learning not to fuss at them for not doing things.

2 thoughts on “Just Stop:

  1. I have had the opposite experience. I have been self sufficient since i was 18. Even when i married for the first and only time my now Ex husband would help me around the house and I had to pay half of the bills. I continue to be dependent upon myself because when i ask for help the experiences hasn’t been great.

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  2. Hi. Great post. I just wanted to say that you’re not the “problem”. The behavior–which you are now identifying–is interfering with your relationships. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You and I seem to have that control gene which lets us know when others need fussing over and we don’t. lol. The fact that you know what you’re doing is possibly destructive or counter productive is half the battle. Good luck. Be kind to yourself.

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