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Yesterday was probably the scariest day in some years for me. I went to the ER with chest pains and was immediately taken back to a room where an EKG was done. Then blood work, chest x-ray, and CT scan. It was all so fast it made my head spin. The doctor and staff were truly amazing. They talked to me about what was happening and the next steps. It was a comfort to feel truly cared about. The good news is I didn’t have a heart attack, no blood clot or anything serious like that. The bad news is that I have to see a cardiologist on Monday. They think it could be inflammation or something going on with my heart. I have a family history of heart issues on my mom’s side. But I’ve never had anything wrong with my heart. So please keep me lifted in prayer. Yesterday was rough for me and I’m resting today.

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  1. Wow. Sorry to learn of this – the pain etc.
    I pray that your health is fully restored and you won’t in any way partake of such – the heart problem history. Amen! ๐Ÿ™
    Be safe and keep the faith. All will be well by His Grace. โค

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