Welcome back:

Photo by Emre Can on Pexels.com

I’m thankful to see a new day and month. What January taught me is not how you start the year but how you finish. January was a tough month for me. But what I failed to realize is that everything that I was going through, people were praying for me and loving on me. I was never alone even though at times it felt like it. I’ve learned that when times get tough I become a wimp. I don’t fight like I know that I should. I coward in the corner somewhere feeling sorry for myself. How am I ever gonna get and be better if I continue to let things and people have the last say in my life? Well thankfully January is over and February is here. I’m not giving up on me. I’m fighting for me again. The enemy can knock me down and throw things at me but I know that I will and can come out fighting. Hello, me welcome back, yeah you had a rough month but get over it. We got work to do and it starts now.

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