Life and death:

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Today everyone has heard the news regarding Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other passengers. Death is always painful and sad. But this could have been anyone’s dad and daughter. Husband and daughter. Son and granddaughter. The passing of these people that I have never met in my life put a lot of things into perspective. Life is short. Kobe is a year younger than me, and death doesn’t have an age limit. I want to hug my husband longer and tighter, I don’t want to argue about things that don’t matter. I want to hug my daughter tighter and tell her I love her more. I want my sons to know that I will always have there back. People life is way to short to not take your life and the life of others in perspective. Love people like you won’t see them tomorrow. Tell people what you want to tell them while you still have time. Give people their flowers while they are still alive. As I reflect on my time off this weekend I wish I could have said nicer things to my husband. Just because I didn’t feel good doesn’t mean I need to have an attitude. I’m learning and going to do better.

4 thoughts on “Life and death:

  1. I enjoyed your blog, and I like your attitude and your resolve to manifest your love for family and friends. Wonderful. Ever time I leave the house, the last thing I tell my precious wife (of 53+ years) is, “I love you.” I also remind her throughout the day. May the Lord bless you much.

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