This book is helping my marriage:

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I started reading this book called Love at last sight by Kerry & Chris Shook. My husband and I read this book before we got married and to be honest I don’t remember what’s in the book. So I decided to reread it because I wanted to know what it’s about. So the book is about 30 days to grow and deepen your closest relationships. So you read a chapter each day and at the end of the chapter, there is a challenge. The purpose of the book is that most of us have had love at first sight but what about having love at last sight. When it’s all said and done why not love until your last breath. Let me tell you this book has challenged me and got me to thinking about ways that I can better communicate, love and improve myself. I’m not a perfect wife. I have flaws on top of flaws. But I’m a work in progress. I’m working on me to better myself and those around me. I’ve been a lot happier this month. A lot of stress and burden has been lifted from me. But I need to make that last. One thing that I’m making sure I take care of is my marriage. What marriage books have helped you out?

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